Our next R hands-on meeting will is scheduled on December 2nd.  This time our MSc student Daniel Baron will present his R developments  concerning the derivation of time series parameters on MODIS snow product data.  He will outline the aim of this study as well as challenges in R. He will show his R codes … Read More

We will have another R hands-on meeting to highlight new spatial R developments. This time our MSc student Matthias Vollmuth will present his R developments  concerning joint analysis of raster and vector data. He will outline the aim of this study as well as challenges. Mainly R codes will be shown and discussed in order… Read More

The introductory course on applied remote sensing within the Global Change Ecology study program started. More than 20 international students are about to learn how to apply remote sensing in ecology. Software used will be R, GRASS and ENVI, while a big focus is on OpenSource software. Topics covered will be ranging from basics to… Read More

Animal movement is critical for maintenance of ecosystem services and biodiversity. The study of complex movement patterns and of the factors that control such patterns is essential to inform conservation research and environmental management. Technological advances have greatly increased our ability to track, study, and manage animal movements. But analyzing and contextualizing vast amounts of… Read More

We started to organise our next AniMove. Analysis of animal movement and remote sensing data for conservation will be covered by this 2 weeks science school. Only OpenSource software such as R, QGIS and GRASS will be used. More information at animove.org  … Read More